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Securing a Steadfast Financial Future for You and Your Family

One of the most reliable ways to help protect and build your wealth is by investing in high-quality assets. Our leading team of investment experts craft tailor-made financial plans for clients and their families.

We take culture, religion and lifestyles into account when providing clients with hassle-free, 360-degree service. Your financial goals are our priority.

Our experienced team of advisors can reduce the risk of investment blind spots dramatically. We leave no stone unturned to secure the best options for our clients. We’ll take care of the day-to-day management of your wealth so you can relax and focus on enjoying your spare time.

Tailor-Made Investment Solutions

We build your portfolio using the finest assets from private equity to real estate, technology to healthcare. Learn more about Our Solutions

Credit Strategies
Money Market

Liquid Portfolio

Low risk

Highly liquid, yield generating credit assets providing stable income distributions and some capital gains.

Credit Strategies
Core Yielding
Thematic Yielding

Yielding Portfolio

Low to moderate risk

Stable yield generating assets across the globe providing consistent income distributions.

Credit Strategies
Core Growth
Thematic Growth
Core Yielding

Balanced Portfolio

Moderate to high risk

Consistent capital gain returns investing in asset classes with proven track records.

Core growth
Thematic Growth

Growth Portfolio

High risk

Exceptional capital gain returns taking advantage of market dislocations across the globe.

Not sure which solution suits you best? Simulate various portfolios on our digital platform.

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Limitless Investment Opportunities

With our deep-rooted local expertise, and global reach, the investment opportunities for our clients are truly limitless.

Leveraging our international diversification capabilities and superior management selection, we bring together the most compelling investments from the public and private markets. To capture long-term growth, we favour the endowment approach to investing.

What Could Your Investment Wealth Be?

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Invest with Peace of Mind

Our digital platform helps you explore your investment possibilities with full control.

Explore our simulators, insights, and private market opportunities.

Receive a portfolio proposal within 10 minutes and edit it based on your needs.

Start investing in top-tier diversified opportunities at the touch of a button.

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A minimum investment of $300,000 USD is required to start investing with The Family Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Wealth management is a strategic process which seeks to preserve or grow wealth. Often this involves investing in the public or private markets.

The value of your wealth can be shielded from inflation and currency depreciation with a favourable tax treatment that may save you even more money.