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Outlook on Private Equity Amidst Rising Interest Rates

Naji Nehme, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Petiole Asset Management, and Johannes Huth, Chairman of KKR Euro…

May 11 2023

Market Insights

Credit Market: The New Equilibrium

Jonathan Berger, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer at AS Birch Grove, is hosted by Naji Neh…

Feb 28 2023


Economic Trends That Will Shape 2023 And Beyond

Nouriel Roubini, CEO of Roubini Macro Associates LLC, was hosted by Naji Nehme, CFA, Chief Investment Officer …

Dec 16 2022


Back To The 1980s – Re-Emerging Opportunities In Currency Markets

Thomas Stolper, Chief Investment Officer at Embankment Currency Research, is hosted by Naji Nehme, Chief Inves…

Jun 05 2022


Success Factors In Private Market Investments

Abdulmohsin Al Omran, Founder and CEO of The Family Office, is hosted by Mazen Nahawi, President of News Group…

May 29 2022

Market Insights

The Future Of The European Economy Amidst Geopolitical Change

Jim O'Neill, former Commercial Secretary of the British Treasury, former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Manag…

Mar 17 2022

Market Insights

The Endowment Model: The Quest For Return Enhancement And Risk Management

During our February webinar, Senior Advisor and Chief Strategist to The Family Office David Darst discussed wi…

Feb 24 2022

Market Insights

2022 Global Market Outlook: What Should Investors Look Out For In 2022?

Below are the major highlights of our first webinar of 2022, featuring Tim Hayes, Global Chief Investment Stra…

Jan 30 2022


Abdulmohsin AlOmran | A Deep-Dive Into Diversification, Retirement, And As…

During a webinar held on 6 October, The Family Office Founder and CEO Abdulmohsin Al Omran discussed with Moha…

Oct 14 2021