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As leaders in the wealth management industry in the GCC, we capitalize on our deep understanding of the region and international reach to preserve and grow our client’s wealth and legacies.

Because each client has unique investment objectives and goals, we ensure that our investment solutions are customized for each of our clients, based on their risk tolerance, time horizons, revenue and growth expectations, values, etc. All these factors are all taken into consideration when building a client’s portfolio.

Below are sample solutions that we offer our clients.

Our Investment Programs

Credit Strategies
Money Market

Liquid Portfolio

Low risk

Highly liquid, yield generating credit assets providing stable income distributions and some capital gains.

Credit Strategies
Core Yielding
Thematic Yielding

Yielding Portfolio

Low to moderate risk

Stable yield generating assets across the globe providing consistent income distributions.

Credit Strategies
Core Growth
Thematic Growth
Core Yielding

Balanced Portfolio

Moderate to high risk

Consistent capital gain returns investing in asset classes with proven track records.

Core growth
Thematic Growth

Growth Portfolio

High risk

Exceptional capital gain returns taking advantage of market dislocations across the globe.

Not sure which solution suits you best? Simulate various portfolios on our digital platform.

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A minimum investment of $300,000 USD is required to start investing with The Family Office