Abdulmohsin Al Omran Speaks To Argaam About Investment Success Stories

Aug 29, 2021 | 1 min

In this interview with Argaam, Abdulmoshin Al Omran, Founder and CEO, discusses success factors for investment and wealth management firms, and investors themselves. Watch the full interview to learn more about:

  • - The foundations of successful investing

  • - Investment firms that raise funds to generate fees from investors versus those that endeavor to preserve and grow investors’ wealth over the long term

  • - Optimal strategies for preserving and growing wealth

  • - The benefits of long-term investing

  • - Views on market speculation

The Family Office has been preserving and growing the wealth of more than 200 investors in the Gulf, including families, individuals, and institutions. The success of the firm is attributed to its focus on each investor’s long-term wellbeing, providing bespoke solutions with proven strategies that suit the unique needs, priorities, and lifestyle of each investor.

Since its establishment in 2004, The Family Office has been investing continuously in technology to provide the best experience to clients, delivering the latest information on their portfolios anywhere and anytime.

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