Abdulmohsin Al Omran Speaks To Argaam About Financial Technologies For Asset Management And Growth

Nov 08, 2022 | 1 min

Founder and CEO of The Family Office, Abdulmohsin Al Omran, spoke to Argaam about the adoption of financial technologies in the Saudi market for asset management and growth. Below are the highlights of the interview:

  • Financial technologies were used since the 1970s to reduce operational costs and have evolved to facilitate investors’ quick access to investment tools at the lowest costs.

  • With Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has sought to develop and implement financial technologies and has launched the “Absher” platform for electronic governmental services. Due to the government boosting investment in the technology sector, initiatives and investments in applications evolved, like Careem, Jahez, Darahem and others.

  • Asset management is new in the Gulf and requires effort, time, expertise and money, but mostly educating investors about technology tools so they use them.

  • The Family Office launched a digital platform that allows investors to access the best international investment opportunities within 10 minutes. This platform is connected to the “Yaqeen” service from “Absher.” The company recently took this experience to its Swiss offices to also target European markets.

  • With this platform, an ordinary investor can access the best investment opportunities like a billionaire.

Watch the full interview to learn more about financial technologies for asset management and growth, and the digital investment platform of The Family Office.

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