The Family Office Digital Investment Platform | Interview With Bloomberg Asharq

Oct 25, 2022 | 1 min

Bloomberg Asharq hosted Abdulmohsin Al Omran, Founder and CEO of The Family Office, to shed light on the digital investment platform of The Family Office. Below are highlights of the interview:

  • Gulf investors have sizable wealth in their businesses, real estate and local stock markets. Wealth management plays two major roles in this regard: the first is preserving investors’ wealth and the second is offering international investment opportunities to diversify the portfolio and mitigate its risk.

  • The Gulf region has two fortunes: the first is oil and the second is its young generation of men and women. We expect significant growth in the economies in the next 10 years and the future is very promising for the region.

  • As the Saudi government invested in the technology sector through Vision 2030, investment companies that had a transparent and honest relation with their clients managed to offer the best international deals for minimal amounts. The alternative investment deals that were previously limited to billionaires are now available starting $300.000 in the Gulf and CHF150.000 through our offices in Switzerland, with the possibility to invest starting CHF50.000 for single investment solutions.

  • We began our digital transformation journey three years ago and launched a product that offers investors the best investment opportunities in private companies, real estate and credit instruments with the biggest international companies like KKR, Blackrock and others. After investors answer the questionnaire, they receive an investment proposal and can create an account in just 10 minutes.

  • Europe’s wealth is 13 times greater than that of the Gulf, and there are $700 billion in Switzerland alone from the Gulf.

  • Petiole Asset Management AG launched its platform in Switzerland for European markets.

The platform of Petiole Asset Management AG features a fully digital approach from joining the platform to browsing international investments, building the portfolio and committing capital. Create an account on Petiole’s platform now and invest starting from CHF150.000, with the possibility to invest starting CHF50.000 for single investment solutions.

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