Good Investment Managers Pay For Themselves

Mar 02, 2021 | 2 min

Receiving something for free is a rare pleasure in life. Imagine benefiting from a skill or gift without lifting a finger. In the world of high-end family investing, that’s exactly what you should expect… if you select the right investment manager.

A time-tested truth known only to the most successful investors is that “good investment managers pay for themselves.”

Fees are a percentage of the returns

There are so few professions where the expert receives payment from the profits they generate for others. This fee structure means that investors rarely spend any of their original wealth. They benefit from the service and enhanced returns without worrying about the price.

Investors who truly understand how this works appreciate that trying to save money on cheaper and less experienced managers is a false economy. Never more so than in times of recession and volatility as we’re experiencing today.

A strong strategy helps grow and preserve wealth

An investment strategy is like a ship or a vessel at sea. Any ship can sail in calm waters, like when the markets are steady. You feel safe in a humble children’s boat or dinghy. But in rough seas when waves smash against rocks and storms worsen ahead, like when the markets crash, you need a steadfast ship and an experienced captain at the helm. Strong investment managers with a proven track record navigate your wealth out of troubled waters into prosperity.

Good investment managers help grow and preserve your wealth regardless of short-term market conditions.

Enjoy better peace of mind

Without an experienced investment manager, it’s easy to panic lose sleep over market crashes. After all, your wealth is your future. It’s your key to affording an enjoyable retirement and supporting a growing family.

A survey by financial information site Bankrate[1] found that 48% of Americans across all members of society lose sleep over money matters from time to time. 23% suffer from financial-related sleep loss regularly. 6% of them lie awake, stressed about the stock market. 24% worry that they’re not putting enough aside for their retirement.

Nothing is more valuable than the mental well-being of you and your family. With an experienced investment manager guiding your wealth in the right direction, you can enjoy better peace of mind, which is priceless.

More time with loved ones

Investing takes time. And our time is limited. The wisest investors entrust their wealth to an expert so they can relax and spend their spare time moments in more meaningful ways.

When you engage an expert investment manager, you have more time to spend with your loved ones while your wealth grows. And when you retire or liquidate your funds, you enjoy your time even more with superior returns.

Get started

When you hand over the reigns to a trusted investment manager, you expect excellent service and superior returns. You should benefit from the decades of skill and experience of a family office and let your profits pay the costs.

Entrusting the day-to-day management of your portfolio to leading experts gives you more time to enjoy with your loved ones doing things that make you happy. You can also relax and unwind without the stock market disturbing your sleep.

Let our experienced team take excellent care of your financial needs, so you enjoy the sweeter things in life.


[1] Source: Bankrate, June 2020, “Survey: Surprisingly fewer people losing sleep over money issues right now

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