Invest in Diversified International Investments to Protect Your Wealth

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The Family Office offers exclusive high-quality alternative investments from leading world-class sponsors in real estate, private equity and private credit that are not readily available in the region starting from just US$300,000, with the option to pay over up to five years.

How diversified is your portfolio today?

A strategic investment portfolio can help you protect and grow the value of your riches over the long-term. Such a portfolio is designed to sustain and enhance your wealth for generations.

Check if your investments are diversified enough to mitigate risk.

Why Work with The Family Office

We offer customized portfolio solutions in diversified alternatives such as private equity, private debt, real estate and more. Whether you wish to preserve your legacy, plan for a retirement or diversify your investments, our world-class financial advisors will build you a bespoke portfolio with transparency and convenience.

Access some of the most exclusive private market opportunities in private equity, real estate, private debt and more in partnership with KKR, BlackRock, The Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs and others.