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Frequently Asked Questions

Diversification is about investing in a range of assets that behave differently under different market conditions. While it is important to include a variety of market sectors, asset classes and geographies in your portfolio, true diversification requires a deeper understanding of the revenue sources of the underlying asset, and how quickly they react to market events. Many assets in public markets across geographies react similarly during recessions, correlating closely to other sectors. For an investor, this has the same effect as overconcentration, even if the portfolio is spread internationally. To solve this problem, we specialise in private investments. We have access to private equity, debt and property opportunities that are not available to the public. These assets are immune to amateur investors who occasionally sell in a panic, driving down the asset value. They also have superior returns due to the illiquidity premium. We combine exclusive private investments with traditional public asset classes, such as equity, fixed income, real estate and cash equivalents. This diversified approach to portfolio management delivers superior results, year on year. As the cornerstone of modern portfolio theory, diversified investments mitigate risk and deliver higher returns. Clients benefit from lower risk and enhanced potential for growing their wealth.