David Darst’s July 2022 Market Recap

Aug 09 2022 | 1 min

Watch David Darst, CFA - Senior Advisor, share his recap of the major events in July 2022.

  • Markets rallied in July and climbed 12.7% since their June 16th low due to better-than-expected profit reports and the considerable fall in US Treasury yields.

  • The Federal Reserve raised interest rates another 0.75% on July 27 and the European Central Bank raised rates for the first time in 11 years by 0.5% on July 21.

  • The housing market and inventory were weak in Q2 2022 while exports were strong.

  • Private equity is the answer for investors seeking good returns with minimum volatility. Instead of equally allocating their portfolio to growth, value and defensive stocks, they must opt for 40% growth stocks in good quality companies in the tech space.

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